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This is a simple site, in the future I intend to migrate it to a WordPress site.

I enjoyed all the great things we did in the past and all the wonderful people I have known along the way. If I have not mentioned you please let me know. Molly tells everyone I am a supreme "Narcissist"  What does she know she is only a PHD with 40 years experience!
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The Good Old Days! Here is a collage of Pictures, 1964 the Pirate Station Radio London, 1969 Edmond Baydush WFOG Norfolk Va, Orange City FM Plant, Cuba 1992 with Scott Clifton, Rational Radio Dallas Dave Clifton, C5A BAA Console 1967, Dallas NC Ron on the Cat on garbage detail, Orange City Tower ground Breaking 1987, Ron and the 1955 Morgan Plus 4, 25 South Vernon Street York PA, top of the World Building Silver Springs MD 1966 WGAY, BAA Sales Book, WFTP New building Fort Pierce FL,  llie Nastase is out of Wimbledon , Sandy Mayer wins. Nastase can't understand why, he was supose to win Wimbledon, sometime in the early 70's??
Still doing a little climbing in Chicago at WCGO 2006
If you want it come get it. RCA 250 watt using 810's
It is in Beana Vista, Colorado. Call me first 772-770-9000
Sligo Creek Golf Course Tower Silver Springs MD One of the many towers I built. This one for WQMR 1050 Connie B Gay 1864
RCA BC7 Stereo Console 1964 Fort Lauderdale WMJR with RCA RT7 Cart machines and QRK Turntables.
WFTP Fort Pierce Florida New Building 1973, with fireplace. If Bob Weeks can have 4 in his station I can at least one.
Audio processing didn't get any better than this with the CBS Audiomax and Volumax. in the early 70's
Remember now, you must tune for "Minimum Smoke" this was SPO for all the  RCA C,D, and E high power FM transmitters.
2012 Presidential Dabates, Yep, I was there in Boca Ration Florida.
Remote Transmitter Control was not so easy in the 60's so we built our own at WQMR-WGAY Washington DC1964
Betsy Cameron 1978 Partner, Friend since 1969
The Great Camel Race, Petra Jordan 2006
Here is one of the one of the only pictures I am aware of, of Artie Zucker (WAEZ 94.9 Miami Beach) I put this station on the air Christmas 1961. With the help of Bob Blumenkranz we were generally able to keep that RCA BTF 10D on the Air. We sure didn't like that 4cx5000 tube and socket in a 10KW transmitter. We got many bloody knuckles on that one, plus not much sleep frequently.