Ron Crider
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Ron and Molly Opening Amalfie Grille Nov 20, 2013
Ron and Nancy Crider the "Edge" Fort Pierce to celebrate Nancy's 75th Nov 20, 2013
Granddaughter Emily Brown High School Graduation May 30 2013
Granddaughter Emily Brown 2 years old with Molly
Kim, Lisa with the Granddaughters back at the "Edge" Fort Pierce
Ron and Andy Pizii Son in law married to Kim for 20 years
Chelsea 2012
Molly and Ron at Dan's Bake Sale Fort Collins May 22, 1993
Molly, Holly and their Mother
Molly and Ron Summer Concert Vero Beach 2013
Ron Crider's Family
Chelsea and Ryan at Chelsea's wedding October 5, 2012
Chelsea & John Papadoulias  at their wedding October 5, 2012
Chelsea and Peanut
Son-in-law Ted Brown married to Lisa 22 years with Granddaughter Emily at FSU
KIm , Chelsea, John, Lisa, 2012
The early years 1945 with my first girlfriend Cathy Long VE day 1945, Ocean Grve NJ, Fritz my second dog, My aunt and Uncle the Benders, mom and dad 8 years old, Max Moscow's Denver 1957, Maxine and me at the shore, The Benders on left, my grandmother Grace Mummert (mother's side), My 1955 Morgan +4, First Prom, Last pictures with my mother Pearl and husband Fred Myers.
Phoebe and George Ruggeri my biological parents. I was a well kept secret from everyone on the Ruggeri side of the family. I was able to spend a few short years with them. Even Lisa and I Visited George and Phoebe, that turned out to be our last visit. Unfortunately for George and Phoebe it was their loss. They would have been so proud of  their offspring. 
Chelsea, Ryan and Julie 2005
Grandson Matthew & Granddaughter Emily Brown 
Ryan and Chelsea at Disney with Ron and Molly 1990
Ron & Jacques Pepin May 2012 on-board the Oceania "Marina"
Molly at the Colosseum with the gladiators
Amphitheatre in Rome, Italy
Oceania May 2012 Barcelona to Rome 10 days
Molly at Trevi Fountain Rome, Italy May 2012 (this insures you will return to Rome) You must throw 3 coins in the fountain. It also helps the economy.
Belize August 1991 Cordicom project for Mark Cannon