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About Ron Crider
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Ron Crider: I have been in broadcasting since 1950 in York PA.  York Country Day School, Florida Military Academy, Bob Jones University, Palm Beach Junior College and University of Chicago. Devry Technical Institute, Elkins Radio Chicago. Worked at Universal Recording Studios, Chicago. BTW, Universal had a 4 track Ampex in their large studio. Wow! That was the greatest machine I had ever seen in 1958. We did the Chicago Symphony, Van Cliburn, Mitch Miller and the the first commercial for Mr. Clean. I recorded Paul Harvey every day for delayed broadcast. I also made instant disc recordings with a disk recording lathe that did 4 records at one time.

Chief Engineer 1962 Palm Beach WQXT-AM and FM. Worked with Art Ravara.

Built the first 24/7 FM stereo station in Miami in 1963 for Art Zucker 94.9. Worked with Bob Blumenkranz, excellent engineer. There will be a full page on working with Artie eventually. 

Bought my first station in Miami-Fort Lauderdale in 1965 (WMJR-Y100m 100.7)

Built the first Instructional TV station in Miami (1965) for the Catholic Church with Jack Shay and Roy Giles of RCA.

Bought our first tower in 1968, 1049 foot tower, Candelabra tower between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Partner Joe Amaturo. Worked with Billy Clark from RKO, Homer Akers WWOG, Boca Raton. Gene Milner WSHE.

Built the all new WQMR-WGAY radio stations in Washington DC, New towers and studios 1965 with my friend Tommy Debray and Danny Grassi. Living at the Debray mansion was and interesting adventure.

Built the Pirate Radio Station, Radio London in 1965 50 KW in the North Sea with Rick Powers and Art Nobo.

Built and repaired numerous radio stations in Central and South America in the 60's and 70's for Continental Wholesale Corp with Art Nobo and Frank Mestre.

Was Sales Manager for Schafer Electronic 1969 Chatsworth California. Worked with Paul Schafer, Jerry Bassett, Paul Comstock, John Price, Duncan Mounsey,
Jim Harford, Steve Grason, Tom Mcgowen

Built the first FM stereo radio station in Panama, Central America. Radio Sonarama with Dr. Jose Guera and Betsy Cameron. in the late 60's

Sold WMJR-Y100 to Cecil Heftel in 1970. Bob Roberts was the General Manager and our partner. Jack Ivan and Chip Green were our sales people.

Purchased Fort Pierce FM station 98.7 and AM station 1970. Built 1,549 foot tower with Frank Spain 1973 near Palm City Florida. The station is now the Gator. Bob Roberts was also our partner in these stations. Peggy and Bob Irving worked with us as well as, Jean Sceurman, Fran Sherwood, Walter Henrick,

Sold Fort Pierce Stations in 1980 to Henry Vara.

Built Mobile Telephone of Florida and Palm Beach with Joe Amaturo 1983. Worked with Beth Amaturo, Barry Gales, Frank Payberg, Gary Flynn, Doug Holland,

1985 Founded ICM and Lodestar Tower company, North Palm Beach with partner Paul Lanset. Built 1,749 foot tower Orange City Florida, 1,049 foot tower Jacksonville, 1,049 foot tower New Orleans, built 2,000 foot tower and 240 KW transmitter plant for Channel 36 Charlotte NC. Built 6,49 foot tower Gandy Causeway St. Petersburg Fla. Built 549 foot tower North Palm Beach Florida. Sold interest in 1989. Paul Dickie, Rene Lansat, Doug Holland,

Purchased KSKE AM and FM Vail Colorado 1990 with friend who became partners, then not friends.

Managed KNUS Denver 1992 did Dan's Bake Sale (Rush Limbaugh) and first live call in broadcast from Havana Cuba. Worked with Al Martischang and Paul Stebbins (owners) also worked with Kenny Hamblin (The Black Avenger) Jimmy Turner (Football) Diane Hodson our business manager (The BEST!)

Worked with Pilgrim Communications 2000 to present operating the Radio Colorado Nertwork. KRCN 1060 Longmont-Denver. Increased the power from 10 KW to 50 KW, KREL-1580 Colorado Springs, KVLE-FM Gunnison Colorado. KSKE-1450 Buena Vista Colorado and KVLE-AM 610 Vail.

Co-hosted America's Dining and Travel Guide with Pierre Wolf on BTRN for several years. Traveled with Pierre to Jordan, Switzerland, Ireland, Bahamas, Las Vegas.

Built 1087 Beneva Cell Tower in Sarasota, Florida in 2000. Sold to Grain Communications 2011 with full complement of Cellular Carriers.

Founded GAB (Global American Broadcasting Network) 2000 to Present with Dr. Gene Hood.
Distributing syndicated radio and Internet programs to 5,500 radio stations nationwide. Built new Technical Operations Center in Vero Beach 2008.

More to come we are only up to 2005!!!!

It must be true, here we are at CMQ, Havana Cuba May 1992 with Scott Clifton. I will have a ful page about this when I retire????
Here we are on top of the World Building Silver Springs MD assembling a RCA, the Vertical part of an FM Antenna System with Danny Grassi.
Yep, that's the Schafer 800 system being replaced with a BPI new brain in 1972 for WFOG with Edmond Baydush one of the smartest persons I ever knew. Tragedy why someone shot him point blank. 

Here is a Utube video on our Technical Operations Center in Vero Beach. My wife told me it looked like it ws done by my 9 year old grandson. As they say we report , you decide?
Yep,  that's a Gates tube Studioette Console I had in our home when I was 14 years old. Here, I sold it to Vincent Fiorino in Hollywood Florida for Gulf-stream Recording studios so I could buy an MG-A. This was when I was in Military School at Florida Military Academy. How about that Ampex 600. We were big time, we had two.